Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Two quick reads

The BLT challenge from Ruhlman, in which he asks his readers to grow their own tomatoes & lettuce, cure the pork belly, and make the bread and mayo from scratch. Very interesting. I don't have a smoker anymore, but I think I can get away with cured bacon and do this.

Mark Bittman, longtime fish eater, writes in the New York Times about how complicated it is these days to eat fish. I, too, have become sensitive to these issues. A trip to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium where I picked up one of their sustainability cards pretty much sealed the deal for me. I am now a finnicky eater when it comes to seafood. I ask where the fish was caught and with what method. I sometimes long for the days when eating was little more than a hedonistic act for me, and in no way political, but now that I know fish are disapprearing from the oceans, how could I in good conscience continue to eat sea bass and bluefin tuna and farmed salmon?

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