Friday, June 12, 2009

Coming attractions

A new book on urban farming has shot straight to the top of my To Read list. Novella Carpenter's "Farm City" chronicles a city girl's attempts to make food right in the city limits of our neighbor to the east, Oakland.

Like me, Carpenter is a city dweller at heart. She likes to eat but she can't imagine trading the comforts of city life (restaurants, young people, and music venues for me) for the relative solitude of country life. Unlike Barbara Kingsolver, who wrote an amazing book called "Animal Vegetable Miracle" about moving her family into a small farm in the middle of Virgina, I'm guessing this book will be filled with more stories that I can relate to.

If there is sufficient interest, maybe some other urban farmer wannabes out there will read this book along with me and we can discuss it on here chapter by chapter.

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