Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More proof that raising taxes is career suicide

From today's Chronicle...

California's budget crisis is so bad that the Governator has proposed massive budget cuts that would close more than 200 state parks, take away scholarships from college kids, and--this should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone--take away welfare from poor people.

Everyone knows the state is in dire straits and needs some financial help in the worst way. Apparently the only two solutions to this problem: borrow money from Wall Street or slash some of our best and most beneficial programs. Read the article. Taxes aren't mentioned anywhere.

Instead of figuring out ways to generate money through taxing those who can most afford it, we're releasing people from prison and taking away health care from poor children. Why not tax the shit out of gasoline? That would help the environment by taking cars off the road and generate revenue at the same time. Why not stop pretending that the War on Drugs is working and legalize marijuana for recreational purposes like Tom Ammiano proposed?

California has long prided itself on being a progressive and trend-setting kind of state, but with Prop 8 and the ludicrously uncreative approach to solving its budget crisis, it's hard to take that kind of boasting seriously.

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