Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Real Reason We Love to Cook

Great post from Ruhlman on a great article in the New York Times about working with your hands and how cooking helped us evolve. I don't really have much to say about it other than please, please, please read what these brilliant men have to say.


  1. I had read the NY Times article and then read Ruhlman's comments on your recommendation. I completely agree and believe my family's strength and glue comes from all of those moments in the kitchen together and eating together. Everyone has the right to good food and all the benefits that come with it. It's not easy to find that good food at your local Handi-Mart in a drug infested "hood" nor does it generate hands on cooking which teaches so many skills The article segues perfectly into your next comments about taking urban lands back for growing food. I've seen neighborhoods change dramatically from filthy drug bogs to gardens shared by the neighborhood. For many of these kids it is the first time they have had fresh produce. The pride of the neighborhood is seen immediately. It is a solution with immediate positive results. Slow down America and cook some fresh foods for dinner. There are no arguable talking points against this approach and it is certainly not elitist.

  2. The "elitist" argument seems to be the most powerful word that the industry uses to discredit the real food movement. I guess choosing to support individuals in the community is somehow less populist than giving all your dollars to global corporations and the heart disease that comes along with it.