Monday, July 20, 2009

Who should fill in for The Beastie Boys at Outside Lands?

But first, I just want to say thank you to Tom Watson (from Kansas City) for getting me to believe the impossible could actually happen--even if it was just for a little while.

So....Adam Yauch has the cancer, which leaves a headline spot open at Outside Lands. It will be interesting to see who they have to back up the Brinks truck for to take their place.

1. This isn't life threatening, but get well soon, MCA.

2. It seems like so many people are getting cancer these days, even kids I went to college or high school with. I would have bet my life savings that cancer rates were increasing at an unprecedented rate and I would have told you it was because of the chemicals they intentionally or unintentionally put in our food, water, and air. But according to, new incidents of cancer have been decreasing since the early '90's. Shows what I know.

3. The Outside Lands twitter page has asked for suggestions on who to add. I'm glad I'm not the person who has the responsibility of signing a major artist to a festival and just over a month to do it, but it's nice that they're looking to the fans for input. So, who ya got?

I would say to get some cool up and coming band or somebody with local history, but this is the headliner of a $90/day festival, so they're going to have to get someone with a Name to compliment DMB and Pearl Jam. I just hope it's something just a little unexpected. So far, the lineup is pretty insipid and designed to appeal to the broadest audience possible.


  1. Mgmt? I think they hit the mark between corporate appeal and youthful energy. Also, they have a new record coming out and they would allow an artist that is not of the Live 105 best of 1995 to be on the bill. Which you cool.

  2. Both Grizzly Bear and Mgmt will be playing at Treasure Island this year, which fits them both very well. I like Rachel's suggestion, but they already did Coachella this year, so maybe that would be borrowing too much from our neighbors to the south. If they do go the Coachella route, maybe they should just get Prince again.

    Sadly, they could probably please the most people and spend the least money by hiring a Michael Jackson impersonator.